Saturday, April 8, 2017, 6:00pm
Rite of Spring                                               kevin-cole-returns-to-state-theatre-for-cole-in-your-stocking-again-16aebaab11a2e18a

Peter Jaffe, conductor
Kevin Cole, piano

Max Simončič: Fanfare for a Grand Occasion (world premiere)
Gershwin: Piano Concerto in F
Stravinsky: Le sacre du printemps (The Rite of Spring)


Mark your calendars in big letters—our Classics 90th anniversary season
goes out with a bang! After a brief fanfare written specifically for us from a
distinguished local composer, you’ll hear two audience favorites from composers
who shook the musical world. Stravinsky’s revolutionary Rite of Spring caused
a riot at its premiere, but is now recognized as one of the most powerful works
of the twentieth century, and has become one of the most popular. Gershwin, a
trailblazer in infusing symphonic works with jazz elements, created this catchy
and vibrant piano concerto.

We bring back Kevin Cole, who took our breath away at last season’s Gershwin Pops.
If you were there, you probably still reminisce about that performance and want to
hear more. If you weren’t, here’s your chance to be blown away by Kevin’s virtuosity!

Concert Sponsors: M.J. Hall/Golden Bear Insurance and Michael & Karen Hall
Guest Artist Co-Sponsors: Moris & Julie Senegor
Guest Artist Co-Sponsor: Hon. Ann M. Chargin
Commission Sponsorship: Thomas & Virginia Chen