CLASSICS V: Carmina Burana, Bolero



Jessica Siena, soprano
Daniel Ebbers, tenor
Ralph Cato, baritone

Combined choruses from the Stockton Chorale and Youth Chorale, University of the Pacific, and San Joaquin Delta College



RAVEL: Bolero
Enormously popular, this hypnotic dance builds in momentum to a frenzied pitch. An excerpt of Bolero was used for the lovemaking scene in the 1980 movie 10 that starred actress Bo Derek.

ORFF: Carmina Burana
One of the most dramatic and riveting symphonic spectacles of all time. This secular—even earthy and lusty!—cantata features huge combined choral forces, stellar vocal soloists and large orchestra. Often quoted in popular culture and guaranteed to give you goose bumps!

You can read the program notes, with audio clips and a PDF of the text and translations here.

Concert Sponsors: Dan and Lynne Terry

Saturday | 6:00 PM April 11, 2015