Stockton Symphony - Master Classes

Stockton Symphony Master Classes

For aspiring classical musicians, Stockton Symphony Master Classes are the ultimate opportunity to get up-close and personal with renowned artist-teacher-scholars.

These interactive sessions are basically like getting a private lesson from a world-class artist! The difference is that the master-teacher works directly with a designated number of class participants but in front of an audience. Ambitious classical musicians, students and their teachers, typically consider Master Classes to be one of the most effective means of refining their artistry, along with competitions and practice.

The overall tone and content of a master class is shaped by the personality of the expert giving it and as a general rule, people that achieve this level of expertise in music tend to have very colorful, strong personalities! Although each presenter will run his or her masterclass differently, most presenters will include a Q&A session towards the end.

Because a Master Class is an actual coaching lesson, everyone learns – besides the participants and the entire audience benefits because the master-teacher provides input on specific aspects of the participants’ performance.

A master class creates conditions where breakthroughs are likely to happen, and when they do it’s exciting for everyone – the participating musician, the audience, and of course the teacher.

Master Classes 2020/21 – To Be Announced