Mission, Vision & Values

Our Mission

The mission of the Stockton Symphony is to inspire joy and build community through the magic of music.

Our Vision

The Stockton Symphony electrifies audiences of all ages with sold-out performances of symphonic concerts throughout the San Joaquin Valley. The Stockton Symphony strives to build a passionate curiosity about contemporary music while preserving the symphonic heritage of the past. We envision making the concert-going experience an essential and vital part of community life.

Our Core Values

Various instruments. Different sounds. One harmony.

In everything that we do, we are committed to respecting the differences, beauty, and potential of each instrument, individual and identity group; and to orchestrating moments that unify and strengthen us as a community, while also celebrating our individuality.


We are committed to the highest artistic and professional standards and serve as good stewards of our institution.


We strive to engage the full spectrum of our community through meaningful experiences that are relevant to our region. We offer tickets that are affordable.


We are driven by a deep connection to music that inspires our work.


We are an education resource for students of all ages, working through music to improve educational outcomes for the children and young adults of our community.


We have a sense of possibility, approaching challenges from a positive perspective and taking advantage of opportunities when they present themselves.


We are always completely transparent about our finances and our governing processes.


We collaborate and partner with other arts organizations and nonprofits in our community to maximize our reach, effectiveness and relevance.


We are at all times, and in all our communications, a promoter of Stockton and our region. We work to be a source of pride for our citizens.