Stockton Symphony featured in 209 Magazine!

Stockton Symphony featured in 209 MagazineThank you 209 Magazine for a great article in your newest edition!

If you’ve ever found yourself shedding some tears during a movie scene and wondered what exactly moved you to such emotion, it was probably the music score.

Of the five senses, sound has the strongest link to how we perceive something and our emotions. The sound of an alarm helps us perceive a threat, while the sound of falling rain might make us feel at ease.

The power of sound is just beginning to be explored as a healing property. The Sound Healers Association in Colorado have used tuning forks to treat headaches and other ailments. The healing possibility of sound is amplified when it comes in the form of music. A study in Prevention magazine found that 82 percent of respondents said listening to music eased their stress. Classical music especially has been shown to spur creativity and lower blood pressure.

“When music becomes foreground instead of background it has the ability to allow us to let go of everything else,” said Stockton Symphony CEO Philip West.

The Stockton Symphony performed their first concert in 1926 and was conducted by Manilo Silva, who worked as a pharmacist during the day and an orchestra conductor at night. Over the decades it has grown into a renowned orchestra offering a selection of themed concerts each season.

The Stockton Symphony is currently under the guidance of Maestro Peter Jaffe, who has been enamored with the sense of sound from his days as a budding musician.

“The thing that is incredible about music is that the emotions are not simple,” Jaffe said. “Usually you have a blend of emotions that can make you cry and laugh at the same time.

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