Stockton, CA:  As news of the latest Covid 19 Delta Variant spreads into San Joaquin County, The City of Stockton and Stockton Symphony Collaborative Event, Symphony at Weber Point, is unfortunately postponed. Slated to be an outdoor event with a live Stockton Symphony performance on August 21, 2021, at 7:00 PM, the concert will occur at a future date. 

“We had planned for this event to be a celebration of our reopening and a milestone in our progress through the pandemic. Unfortunately, with the recent increase in COVID-19 cases and more contagious variants, we must postpone our celebration a little longer. We are fortunate to have a gracious and committed partner in the Stockton Symphony and we look forward to holding this event at a time when it can be enjoyed safely by the entire community and in the spirit in which it was intended,” said Deputy City Manager John Alita.

Philip West, CEO of the Stockton Symphony said, “Though this makes us sad and disappointed, we have met with the City and have jointly decided this is the best decision to make right now.” He continued, “The way that numbers have been going up, we want to ensure everyone’s safety, particularly our youth that appear to be at greatest risk.” 

The Stockton Symphony has adapted well during this past year and a half during Covid 19 after canceling their regular season. However, they didn’t stop performing and have found various ways to play for those who would see them live in a concert hall. Pop-up concerts, boys and girls club visits, and digitally-streamed performances have all been a part of the Symphony’s ever-changing repertoire. 

The Weber Point concert would have been the first live, full-orchestra performance the Stockton Symphony has performed in eighteen months. “We are a resilient team of musicians and staff,” Philip continued. “ We will continue to find ways to bring music to the community of Stockton and the surrounding areas. We have a few more tricks in our bag than we did before the pandemic.  So, though this is disappointing, it’s just a minor setback. We will continue performing and delivering fantastic music in one form or another!”

Anyone who has purchased a ticket will receive a full refund. For inquiries, call (209) 951-0196.