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September 5, 2022 – SAVE THE DATE!
Stockton Symphony Labor Day Celebration: Team Spirit at Banner Island Ballpark

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Welcome back to the Symphony.
“We love you madly!”

WELCOME BACK! from Peter Jaffe
Music Director & Conductor

It’s about time, isn’t it?! Let’s finally return to what we’ve been missing—live performances with our Stockton Symphony. What great reunions are in store—in several venues throughout the region! Now, more than ever, you can revel in the magic of music and its ability to connect us all. And of course we will make sure our performances conform to the most up-to-date state and local health guidelines.

Each time you come to a Symphony event it’s a happy reunion—you and fellow music-lovers gather to enjoy our fabulous musicians, stellar guest artists, and each other. In fact, the concept of a return has been etched in music for centuries. The great symphonists take you on an adventure in your seat, and then at the peak, that big tune recaps and sweeps you away. Same with so many popular charts—there’s a super-catchy refrain, and context makes the return feel both familiar and fresh each time.

You enable us to complete our artistic mission—we play for you! And when you’re actually on site you remember why this is so important. You’re back in tune with your senses—the music makes you want to laugh, cry, and experience those wonderfully complex feelings that can’t even be described in words.

Thank you for helping to recreate the magic—keeping live music vibrant in our community. And spread the word!

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Peter Jaffe, Conductor
Peter Jaffe, Music Director & Conductor
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