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Message from the Maestro

Peter Jaffe, Music Director & Conductor

Of course you know there’s magic created by a live symphonic performance—the music takes you on a fascinating excursion and delivers incredible emotions. But have you ever wondered why live performances are so powerful? Over many years, I’ve identified some fundamental principles. Live performances deliver so much impact because they contain the following key elements:

  • Audience adventure thrill. You arrive at the venue, perhaps engage with old friends, perhaps meet new concertgoers, or maybe you’re checking out the Symphony for the first time. Everyone’s sharing in the buzz of anticipation—anything could happen! The powerful dynamic created by the orchestra and stellar soloists reaching out to the audience and the vibes coming right back—this is what we live for! You are crucial in creating this group experience—we play for you.
  • Synergy. The concept that the whole is greater than the sum of the parts—this is created big-time before your very eyes and ears. No matter what your personal entertainment gear might be at home, no matter how much stuff you stream, there’s simply no way to duplicate seeing and hearing so many high-level talents cooperate onstage. It’s an inspirational thing to behold, and it’s happening in real time.
  • Elegant risk. We performers have to be our art in the moment. No retakes, no do-overs, no CGI, no video retouching. During the live performance, you realize and admire the amazing craft of our musical professionals—constantly defying the complex musical challenges and emerging victorious.
  • No filter. Centuries ago, before electronics, perhaps you might have gone to an orchestra concert and sat up in the upper balcony. Maybe you might have used a bit of tech available in those days: “opera glasses.” Yet even if they helped magnify some folks onstage, you probably would have periodically put those little binoculars aside—because we humans have the crucial desire to experience something with no filter.

Our live programs give you that thrill, synergy, and sense of victory—brought to you with no filter at a top level of artistic excellence. Feel the power and take it all in! Help us continue to present the Stockton Symphony live in concert. Your faithful support keeps us thriving and enables us to offer this exciting 2024–25 season. Join in helping us grow as we approach our centennial in a couple of years. Spread the word and bring more family and friends to experience the magic of music—live!

Thank you to our 2023/24 Season Partners!

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