Board & Staff



  • James Morris, President
  • Pat Cox, Secretary
  • Cecilia Moran, Co-Vice President of Education
  • Roger Sitkin, Co-Vice President of Education
  • Elizabeth Kim, Vice President of Finance
  • Daniel Terry, M.D., Vice President of Governance
  • Judy Goldstrand, Vice President of Development
  • Joe Sublett, Treasurer
  • Daniel Terry, M.D., Past President


  • Conni Bock
  • Hon. Ann M. Chargin*
  • Pheon Davison
  • F.J. Dietrich IV
  • Susanne Ghidoni
  • Kathy Hart
  • Douglas Hunt
  • Pamela Lee*
  • Velma K. Lim
  • Beverly Fitch McCarthy*
  • Benjamin Reddish, Jr.
  • Niko Torres
  • Daniel Valencia, MBA
  • Peter Witte*
  • Margaret H. Zuckerman

Orchestra Representative

  • C.L. Behrens* | Barbara Maters*


All staff can be reached by calling the Symphony office (209) 951-0196

Executive Director / CEO
Philip West

Music Director and Conductor
Peter Jaffe

Finance Director
Phyllis Trachiotis

Marketing Director
Kimberlee DiBartolo

Patron Services
Erma D. Smith

Orchestra Personnel/Operations Manager
Hal Willenborg

Orchestra Librarian
Susan Von Sosten