The Stockton Symphony Fellowship Training Program

is a one-year program for promising violinists coming from diverse backgrounds who are pursuing an orchestral career.
The Stockton Symphony strongly encourages applicants from diverse backgrounds to apply. The term “diverse” includes but is not limited to racial, ethnic, socio-economic and/or geographic backgrounds that are currently under-represented in the Stockton Symphony. (Click here for the most recent Stockton Symphony Players Race/Ethnicity chart. )
Fellows will rehearse and perform with the symphony and receive other career development benefits including mentoring from the music director and principal players in relevant sections as well as assistance with audition preparation.

Fellowship Benefits:

  • Fellow(s) will be offered a full concert season to rehearse and perform with the orchestra. The fellow must be able to commit to 80% of the services offered. No more than 36 services will be offered.
  • Fellows will receive four 2-hour coaching sessions with a principal player, critiques from stand partners, and three mentoring sessions with the music director.
  • Fellows will also have the opportunity to play mock auditions for members of the symphony.
  • Fellows will be paid the Stockton Symphony’s section rate (currently $125.11 per service) as well as travel costs up to $54.40 per service.

Candidates Should Be:

  • A violinist currently pursuing or possessing an undergraduate degree in Music Performance
  • Interested in pursuing an orchestral career as a violinist
  • Flexible and available:
    • For rehearsals and events scheduled in tandem with the Project Manager including some occasional daytime services
    • For the Stockton Symphony’s regularly scheduled rehearsals/concerts:
      • Evening rehearsals from 7:45pm-10:15pm
      • Weekend concerts

Application Process:

We currently have two section violin fellowship openings.
Applications due: Saturday, December 2, 2023
Auditions held in Stockton: Saturday, January 6, 2024

Click here to download the audition repertoire list and music.

If you have questions, contact the Project Manager Sara Marsh, at


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